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"Quality, Professionalism, Integrity"


Highly-qualified with over 25 years of professional catering and foodservice experience at five-star luxury properties, resorts, hotels and restaurants; we are ready to make your next in-home or off-site catered event a memorable one for both you and your guests.

Please feel free to contact us via email for a personal consultation about your next event. We will work with you to deliver the experience you are looking for by structuring the precise menu to meet all your wants and needs. We strive to deliver the ultimate guest experience and allow you to focus on and enjoy your special evening with your colleagues and guests.

From cocktail receptions to dinner parties to specialized multi-course tasting menus and themed special events, we look forward to working with you in order to make your next event a memorable success. Please contact us for consultation in preparation of your next special event.





We are happy to offer a variety of additional services to make your event a night to remember. Please contact us for more information on which of these services you wish to acquire.

•Private cooking classes and corporate culinary lessons

•In house themed cooking classes and seminars

•Wine, sake and food consultation and tastings

•Special occasion dining events for small groups

•Specialized concept themed dining engagements

•Full service staff personal employment

•Event photographers

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