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“Pataran’'s creations are a work of Art – give yourself over to this chef by having one of his 5, 7 or 11-course “Faith” tasting menus”.

-Hilary Davidson (Frommer’s Best of Toronto)

“One of the best food and wine parings I have been a part of both nationally and internationally was with Michael and his wife Helen at Albany in the Bahamas. They were both gracious and professional throughout the process and the food was simply amazing! I am proud to count them as friends and look forward to working with them again soon.”

-Dave Phinney (Owner/Winemaker, Orin Swift Cellars)

"His cooking is thoroughly contemporary…, the dishes are perfectly cooked, the presentation brilliant”.

-Anne Hardy (Where to Eat in Canada Top 25)

"I would also have been buried in an avalanche of cook books (or lost in the surf of the internet) were it not for chef, author, and repository of knowledge on world cuisine, Michael Pataran. Michael contributed the lion's share of research into the traditional dishes from around the world that make Part IV of this book, and his experience, particularly with eating and drinking Asian food was invaluable"

-John Szabo (Author, Food & Wine Pairing For Dummies & Volcanic Wines - Salt, Grit and Power)

“It is virtually impossible to find a chef with his unique combination of technical and managerial skills but most importantly his unrelenting passion, drive and enthusiasm to produce the best possible food and culinary experience for his staff and guests! He loves to teach and pass his invaluable skills and knowledge onto others in the hopes of improving the industry as a whole. Staff always want to learn from him and to better themselves personally and professionally!

-David Chow (International Pastry Chef/David H. Chow Chocolates)

"The food coming out of Chef Pataran's kichen is artwork personified! The flavours, aromas and textures form a synergy of culinary brilliance and alchemy that makes Shogun Revolver one of the Caribbean's top dining destinations that is not to be missed!...Come...Indulge...Be mesmerized!"

-MACO Caribbean Magazine

"Chef Pataran's understanding of the interactions between aromas and flavours, tastes and textures is impressive. Applied to his impeccable cooking techniques, the results are some of the most interesting gastronomic experiences I've had. He delivers dimensions of flavour and layers of textures found only at the very highest level of culinary expertise. He's also one of the most knowledgeable sake tasters I know, and he has an amazing knowledge of wine, so we get along exceptionally well!"

-John Szabo MS (Master Sommelier, Author: Volcanic Wines - Salt, Grit and Power)

"Michael Pataran has created some of the most memorable meals I've eaten. He's a gracious host, an inventive chef and a compelling advocate for innovation in cooking that, at the same time, holds the integrity of the ingredients to the highest standards. His passion for the flavours and cuisines of the world are demonstrated on his plates. His approach to cooking reveals sophistication and playfulness at the same time. And that's what makes his food so irresistible."

-Dick Snyder (Editor, CityBites Toronto)

"As a locovore I should be shocked at Michael Pataran's 13,000 mile diet. But I'm not. Because his fusion steers clear of con-fusion. There's such a thing as Global Cuisine, and Michael is on the vanguard of it."

-Daniel Speck, Co-owner (Henry of Pelham Family Estate Winery)

“Pataran’'s food it is both delicious and beautiful every plate that comes out of the kitchen here is culinary artistry, designed to appeal to the eye as well as the nose and palate.”

-The James Beard Foundation (at The James Beard House - NYC)

“Fascinating textures…, meticulous presentations...a culinary avant-garde”.

-James Chatto (For Toronto Life Magazine)

“Michael Pataran captures our imagination with a cuisine he defines as “Contemporary Asian”. We call in brilliant and divine and define it as an exquisite balancing act of Pacific rim flavors”

-Sara Waxman (Winner for Best Asian Cuisine - Best Of Dining Awards)

"Michael Pataran has all aspects of the restaurant trade under control...from cooking to serving, being the chef and the sommelier at the same time, from extensive traveling to researching and reading, he is, indeed, a perfectionist, aspiring to bring the ultimate umami to his culinary creations. His understanding for food and beverages is deeper and more passionate than anyone whom I’ve known. Working, knowing and becoming friends with Michael was a truly heartwarming period of my life.”

-Zoltan Szabo (Trump Tower – Sommelier of the Year)

"Michael Pataran is like an artist with a blank canvas …the culinary world would have been devoid of a great mind if he had not come to his senses and given up his criminology studies!”

-Shavaughn Moss (Food Writer, Nassau Guardian)

"As for the name Shogun Revolver, shogun is Japanese for general and revolver comes from the rock band Velvet Revolver. Explaining it technically – that the menu revolves monthly and shogun sounds good with it – doesn'’t do it justice. Just let it roll off your tongue and translate -- culinary art designed by a genius and executed with perfection."

-Air Currents Magazine

"Only the best chefs from around the world are invited to the Beard House. Knowing this, the chef was determined to cook the dinner of our dreams. For true Canadian flavor, he designed a menu featuring black cod, Nova Scotia lobster, Quebec duck foie gras, venison and bison. Although the products were Canadian he used techniques associated with Japanese cooking to showcase his food.

…Pataran'’s dinner was a huge success, successfully highlighting Canada’'s sophisticated and exciting cuisine.”

-Lucy Waverman (Globe & Mail)

“His signature dish, also offered on the tasting menu, is a maple miso cod served with lotus chips and wakame. It’s now our favorite dish too.”

-Mark Atchison, Travel Editor (Toronto Star)

“Eating will never be the same!”

-Chris Tyrell, Designer (HOAX Couture)

“This is one of the most incredible meals we have ever had! Occasionally, I will modify the chef’'s recipes to better suit our needs, but here I haven’'t dared to change a thing!

-Jody Bogle VanDePol (OwnerBogle Vineyards)

“Shogun Revolver was an orgasmic dining experience…, he's blown me away on two dining experiences and I can’'t wait for the third, fourth, fifth, sixth and seventh!”

-Shavaughn Moss (Food Critic, Nassau Guardian)

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